Diesel Tips1-10 Funny

Thanks to Thoroughbred Diesel for putting together this entertaining series of Diesel Tip Memes. Be sure to check our other blog posts for more, currently there are over 190 Diesel Tips.


Diesel Tip #1- If you make your diesel your profile picture, people might mistake you for  a transformer.


Diesel Tip #2- Turbo Whistle is the ultimate aphrodisiac.


Diesel Tip #3- When referring to an Edge products module, do not call it a juice box with attitude or people will assume you are drinking fruit punch from a wicked curly straw.


Diesel tip #4- If you always brag about how big your truck is, she is gonna think you are lacking else where. Let your diesel speak for itself.


Diesel Tip #5- Yes, we know that Cummins has a dirty word in it. It is time to find a new joke.


Diesel Tip #6- Diesel Trucks should not dazzle, glitter, shimmer, sparkle or any other adjective associated with barbie. PERIOD!


Diesel Tip #7- Man the truck up!


Diesel Tip #8- If you think your truck is badass then good for you, but please don’t tell people 4 times a day. They most likely wont agree with you.


Diesel Tip #9- Big tires + short skirts= prime opportunities.


Diesel Tip #10- Pedal on the right!


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