Diesel Tips11-20 Funny

Thanks to Thoroughbred Diesel for putting together this entertaining series of Diesel Tip Memes. Be sure to check our other blog posts for more, currently there are over 190 Diesel Tips.

Diesel Tip #11 Diesel Trucks are supposed to get dirty. That way they look a whole lot cleaner after you wash it.


Diesel tip #12 It’s called FLO-PRO. pro-flow is a brand of toilet not an exhaust system.


Diesel Tip #13 When asked “are you trying to upgrade your air or fuel?” the appropriate answer is always YES!


Diesel Tip #14 Fuel Filters. If you use them it will work out better for you in the long run. We promise.


Diesel Tip #15 Ladies that like diesels are smokin’ hot and make for a good time. Women who own and drive a diesel are keepers.


Diesel Tip #6 The louder your diesel, the quiter your passengers sound.


Diesel Tip #17 Great minds think alike, the others all drive gas trucks.


Diesel Tips #18 Just assume that anything mispelled in a diesel tip was done on purpose for dramatic effect. We will never admit otherwise.


Diesel Tip #19 Urea and urine do sound a lot alike. However, DO NOT pee in your fuel tank. It will turn out bad for you.


Diesel Tip #20 It is ok to let her drive your truck, she will look better in it than you do. It is never ok to ride shotgun in your truck while she drives. *designated drivers do not apply to this rule.


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