Diesel Tips31-40 Diesel

Thanks to Thoroughbred Diesel for putting together this entertaining series of Diesel Tip Memes. Be sure to check our other blog posts for more Diesel Tips, currently there are over 190 Diesel Tips.


Diesel Tip 31 Avoid limp mode at all cost. (interpret however may apply to you)



Diesel Tip 32 People say diesel owners are crazy. Reality is we are just passionate, hard working, and determined people who always achieve success.



Diesel Tip 33 Diesel > gas. Nuff Said!



Diesel Tip 34 Often times you can say more by walking away froma  challenge then by winning it.



Diesel Tip 35 Smoke does not mean you have a ton of power. The only thing it truly tells you is that your tank isn’t empty but it still looks cool.



Diesel Tip 36 Your diesel is exactly as cool as you believe it is. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.




Diesel Tip 38 You can drive a diesel no matter how old you are. You just might have to lower the lift a little after the first knee/hip replacement.



Diesel Tip 39 When you refer to your diesel as the type of engine under the hood, you’ve officially caught the fever.



Diesel Tip 40 Ladies, save your money, don’t buy him presents. Wash his truck in a bikini one time and you’ll have him forever.


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