Diesel Tips41-50 Funny

Thanks to Thoroughbred Diesel for putting together this entertaining series of Diesel Tip Memes. Be sure to check our other blog posts for more Diesel Tips, currently there are over 190 Diesel Tips.



Diesel Tip 41 Your trucks custom paint job looks really good but it is not one of your truck”s major modifications. If you list it as one you will look silly.



Diesel Tip 42 Any ticket received when driving your diesel should be framed. You earned it.



Diesel Tip 43 If anyone asks you why a diesel has two batteries they’re obviously new to the game. Tell them those are used to power each headlight.



Diesel Tips 44 Diesels are like people. It may look good on the outside, but at the end of the day its whats underneath that makes it worthwhile.



Diesel Tip 45 Most of us haven’t liked the color purple since we were kids. Then came ATS Diesel , making it acceptable to enjoy purple once again.



Diesel Tip 46 If someone is always bragging about their truck, challenge them. Never challenge the quite guy in the back…he will probably embarrass you.



Diesel Tip 47 Diesels require tools to be under the hood, not in the driver seat.



Diesel Tip 48 Calm down, in one week no one will remember or care about this pull/drag race/ dyno/ hook em/ drama anyway. * applies to any unmentioned motor sport as well.



Diesel Tip 49 Telling people your diesel has potential means nothing if you never take it out of the driveway.



Diesel Tip 50 Driving fast is fun, but don’t forget when you slow it down, it is easier for everyone to see how freakin awesome your diesel looks!


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