Diesel Tips61-70 Funny

Thanks to Thoroughbred Diesel for putting together this entertaining series of Diesel Tip Memes. Be sure to check our other blog posts for more Diesel Tips, currently there are over 190 Diesel Tips.

Diesel Tip 61 The 8 inch tip you just bought for your stock exhaust will not make you go any faster. Sorry to kill your dreams.

 Diesel Tip 62 Its always a tough decision, transmission or HP. Either way keep a tow strap handy for you or your buddy that chose HP.

 Diesel Tip 63 Dont mess with truckers. Their diesels are bigger than yours.

Diesel Tip 64 If you get caught driving your ladys truck, don’t pretend that its yours. Instead brag about how freaking awesome she is.

Diesel Tip 65 When asked if your daddy bought your diesel. The correct response is “your mother did and she made me earn every penny.”

Diesel Tip 66 Those gauges aren’t fooling anybody.

Diesel Tip 67 Dumping last years salary into your engine will definitely help you win a race.Forgetting to upgrade the brakes will only let you win once.

Diesel Tip 68 If you’re the only one in your group that owns a diesel be prepared to give a lot of rides and to help move all of your friends. Welcome to the club brother.

Diesel Tip 69 Well this is awkward

Diesel Tip 70 The sound from your engine makes her want you. The sound from your radio makes her want Eric Church. Don’t drown yourself out dude.

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