New Cummins“C” Logo

At Diesel Tees we’re big fans of Cummins Diesel engines and we know our loyal fans are as well. This in mind we try to bring in the best and most useful Cummin Logo gear. If we wouldn’t buy it ourselves, we will not stock it. That said feel free to check out the latest 6 Cummins Logo items we are now stocking.

First we have Cummins Badges. Made for your truck but you can stick these anywhere with the heavy duty adhesive backing. Stick it on your toolbox, fridge or your kids power wheels. No matter where these end up they’re bound to look great! Cummins Logo Badge Cummins Power Logo Badge





Next we have holders for the 2 most importnat beverages, Your coffee and your liquor. This Coffee mug holds 11 ounces of what makes you go. Keep one at home and one in the shop so your never stuck drinking coffeee without repping your favorite Diesel Engine manufacturer. And for once you clock out you’ll still want to rep that C logo while drinking that poison. This stainless Steel shot glass lets you do it in style. Cummins Logo Coffee Mug Cummins Logo Shot Glass





And now we have 2 Cummins products to not only keep your keys together but one looks like a mudflap and the other assists in opening your favorite bottled beverage.  Cummins Logo Mudflap Key Chain Cummins Diesel Logo Bottle Opener


Be sure to also check out all the other great Cummins Logo gear we stock like Zippo lighters, baseball hats, knit stocking hats, T shirts, Hoody and more!