The LargestTruck Stop

Entrance to the World Largest Truck Stop

Since my 18 month old boy is obsessed with Trucks and anything that sounds like a truck we made it a point to stop by the World’s Largest Truck Stop while on a recent road trip in the Midwest. I’m not sure if He or I was more amazed by all of the parked trucks, chrome and lighting displays in the Iowa 80 Truck Stop. 

The Iowa 80 Truck Stop is located in Walcott, IA at exit 284 on I80. It’s just West of Davenport and hard to miss as your trucking down 80. It almost a city of it’s own and the surrounding exits are filled with truck dealers of all brands. There’s Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, Mack, you name it and it’s not far from the Largest Truck Stop.

Truckers and travelers can get just about anything at the stop/ The truck stop boasts the Iowa 80 Kitchen, it’s new 300-seat restaurant with a 50-ft. salad bar, one-of-a-kind Truckers Warehouse Store, 24 private showers, Dolby Surround Sound movie theater, Driver’s Den, Game Room, Embroidery Center , Barber, Dentist, TA Service Center, Truckomat, CAT Scale, Fuel Center, Wendy’s Restaurant, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen in the Food Court and a Blimpie located in the Fuel Center.

Some Fun Facts from

  • Over 17 million eggs
  • 2 million cups of coffee per year
  • An average of 53 tons of beef per year — enough to fill 106 pick-up trucks
  • An average of 58 tons of pork per year — enough to fill 116 pick-up trucks
  • Over 64 million customers
  • Our hi-rise sign sits in 1,300,000 pounds of concrete.
  • Our Super Truck Showroom is 30,000 square feet.
  • Our main building is nearly 100,000 square feet.
  • Our customers use an average of 55 miles of toilet paper per month.


If your on 80 through Iowa this truck stop is a must see whether your in a truck, car or bike.


Here are a few photos we snapped and some amazing facts of the largest truck stop in the world.

Dodge Powerwagon at the Iowa 80 Truck Stop


Inside Iowa 80 Truck Stop

Semi Truck Light display at Iowa 80 Truck Stop

Decked out Peterbilt truck at worlds largest truck stop

Worlds Largest Truck Stop Sign from I 80


View of World's Largest Truck Stop Lot