Trucker TShirts Going

I’m not sure what the recent spike in Trucker T Shirts that are being sold to Australia is caused by but whatever it is keep it coming!

We have sold a shirt here and there to a few Australians that somehow came across the Diesel Tees website but in the past month have shipped more then 30 trucker t shirts to Australia and the analytics show that the viewers of the site are increasing. It seems that most of the shirts going to Australia are for the professional truck driver as opposed to the US market which is heavy in performance diesel pickup trucks used for drag racing and truck pulls.

Here’s to the pro Australian truckers whether they’re driving a road train or a tow truck, we appreciate your business and we appreciate you spreading the brand of Diesel Tees across the beautiful continent of Australia!

Here’s some of the top sellers to Australia

Freight Relocation Engineer Trucker T Shirt

If It Don't Blow Black Take It Back Diesel Power T Shirt

She Thinks My Stacks Are Sexy Semi Truck T Shirt