What’s TheBest Diesel

We asked the Diesel Tees Facebook Fans what their favorite diesel engine was and in exchange we’d enter them to win a free shirt. Below are the comments of those Diesel Tees Fans on what the best diesel engine is.


  • Bruno Frankowski Duramax because it cant get any better!
  • Christopher Faulkner P pumped 12 valve cummins because of how easily powet can be made with them and their durability. I’d like the I love the smell of diesel in the morning shirt.
  • Daniel Krumvieda 7.3 power stroke they run for ever
  • Walter Lazar III 7.3 ford Power Stroke diesel. The best engine with the least amount of issues and i love working on mine. shirt- diesel mechanics have bigger tools 2xl
  • Jon Schardt Chevy Duramax LLY!!! Why? Cuz it’s what I drive!! Real men wear bow ties! 

    And my choice would be “I love the smell of diesel in the morning” size medium! Thanks guys!!! Keep em coming!!!!
  • Tiffany Bachmeier 7.3 powerstroke just cause I like the way it runs. And not so many issues with them
  • Chance Barnhart Jr. 5.9 12 valve cummins. Why? because its an inline 6 diesel motor and it can still outdo the v-8 engines.
  • Ben Gothan 12vcummins no emissions no electronic bullshit just straight motor
  • Lace Cool Cummings for me  durability from workin hard to playin harder…I’m partial to the ‘when the turbo spins, the bs ends’
  • Cody Huff Powerstroke because while others are playing with tampons and others are already cummin ill be powerstrokin. I’ll take a shirt that says “Hear the whistle see the smoke you just been passed by a Powerstroke”
  • Trevor Lee Lansink Engine: Duramax. Reason: Cause if she don’t blow black, TAKE ER’ BACK!! T-
  • Jennifer Broadwater 5.9 24v cummins because its the best (:
  • Jennifer Broadwater and any shit!
  • Tador Machines I am not a brand snob or annoyingly bias, I love lots of diesels. But my personal favorite would have to be the 5.9L 12V Cummins turbo-diesel. So much so that I crammed one into my Ford Super-Duty. The straight 6 is one of the most tried, true, efficient and reliable engine configurations. It size and weight permits many applications, yet it puts out very respectable torque. The 100% mechanical engine allows me to easily service and maintain it in my driveway for many years of work on a lower budget. It also allows very low budget power upgrades if you’re a little handy. And hey… ya’ know, it’s comforting to know I can bump start it and go to town in the event of a massive solar flair.
    cummins-diesel-polo-shirt, small
  • Scott Trucker Colwell Caterpillar c12
    So much power and its yellow

    Shirt mechanics have bigger tools
  • Tristian Heather Law 5.9 24 valve cummins because it’s a cummins do you need another reason… The shirt I would want is Protected by 2nd amendment security…
  • Megan Schoepp 5.9 Cummins, because I’m a Dodge girl, it’s what my man drives, and it’s in my veins. I would want the “Diesel Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” shirt in Black, size small
  • Ryan Calvert Mason 7.3 Powerstroke. Run forever and good strong motors. 7.3 powersroke is in my blood. I would,love the she thinks my stacks are sexy shirt
  • Jesseca Clark Cat 3306. There is nothing better then listening to that machine light up, its just raw working power. And my choice in t-shirt is Diesel Mechanics have bigger tools
  • Casey Locklar Cummins because I have never seen another engine do what it does and still doing it today. Love the 5.9 Own a 6.7 wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love the smell of disel in the MORNING.
  • Cooper Crofts 12v cummins push some mean boost, will roll the coal!
  • Ryan Romanini 7.3 powerstroke because i love em. And they sund awsome and they run really good, can do tug o wars like no tommaro and they are fast 
    if it dont blow black take it back
  • Brandon Poling 6.7 cummins because they are hard working and get the job done. I would like the shirt that says” if she don’t blow black take er back. Cummins diesel. “
  • Tyler Snyder 12 v Cummins because they run for ever and i would want the man pedal one
  • Nick Brown Cummins because they never break down i want Diesel makes her close fall of shirt blake size small
  • Jesse Philpot 5.9 12V mechanical simplicity and its bulletproof, Dodge makes it, Cummins shakes it
  • Cooper Crofts 12v cummins somkuch power and rolls coal! ” when the turbo spins the bulshit ends”
  • Barry Keith Williams 24valve 5.9 cummins, 24 mpg with a 5000 lb load. Diesel mechanics have bigger tools.
  • Ethan Hines 12valve cummins can make more power then a d max any day only using 6 cylinders!! First turbo diesel in a pickup truck! And I would like Mechanics have bigger tools thanks
  • Brandon Latham 7.3 powerstroke because their strong and a good durable motor and to top it off they sound the best! Shirt- Diesel Nut
  • Trey Rott 5.9 cummins because the cummins guys keep it straight the other guys swigs both ways
  • Chris Schlauch 7.3L powerstroke. Reliability, longevity, and it revolutionized the diesel pickup truck world. We wouldnt have all of the high horsepower engines that we have today without it.
  • Brandon Floyd I like then all but I’d say my favorite is the 7.3 powerstroke never had any problems with it and will run forever. I’d like when the turbo spins the bullsh*t ends Medium
  • Chris Schlauch ”suck, squeeze, bang, blow”
  • Samuel M Schmidt 12valve cummins, no computer needed, simple to work on. when the turbo spins the bullshit ends
  • April Hudson Cummins are the best because they sound the best.. any Cummings shirt. Adult medium
    Thank you
  • Joey Myers I drive a Duramax and like it but if I got the chance would rather have a Cummins. They are longer lasting and stronger than any other diesel engine. They are also as easy to work on as a tractor engine. If I won would want the Suck Squeeze Bang Blow because its what we say at school.
  • Jared Green 7.3 Ford diesel. The best engine that ford made with the least amount of issues like the 6.0 -shirt- diesel mechanics have bigger tools M
  • Josh Frank 12 valve cummins, simply because diesels don’t get any easier or more simple to make cheap real power.
  • Brian Garrott I’ve had them all but im on my 2nd cummins and its alot cheaper to crank them a stroker.
  • Matt Franz Duramax. No explanation needed. Speaks for itself
  • Andrew Scheurich duramax it’s just simply the best. the shirt I would like is diesel mechanics have bigger tools size large please
  • Andrew Washburn Cummins has that signature sound,..love my school bus!!
  • Jarrette Lutts lbz duramax, imo it’s the best duramax to get (no emission, problems from previous years fixed, etc.) Smoked a bit, turbo lit and that was it
  • Matt Leach 6.4 Powerstroke, Everyone knocks it because of the 6.0′s reputation but do the deletes and keep up with the maintaince they work well and last,cant beat how easily and cheaply they make hp either. love mine. Id like the suck squeeze bang blow shirt
  • Mark Stewart Dodge cummins 6.7. They most reliable Diesel engine of this time. It’s rough and durable and lasts forever. Tee shirt. Dodge makes it cummins shakes it. Black large.
  • Matt Luiting Cummins 12V! Their loud, lots of potential horsepower stock, and their just awesome!
    If I win: Compression Ignition Addict!
  • Zack Rogers Cummins, they are the best engine for a farmer. They pull good and fast. And if ya do it right, roll coal. 
    I don’t always whistle at girls, but when I do, it’s my turbo.
  • Thomas C. Haggan Cummins 12 Valve because it’s reliable, and my favorite shirt is your profile picture! “I LOVE THE SMELL OF DIESEL IN THE MORNING”!!
  • Taylor Helms DURAMAX! Because they figured it out from the beginning and have stuck with the 6.6 displacement for over 12 years, yes they hav made some changes along the way with different turbo sizes and VGT turbos and such but have not changed tremendously. You also can’t beat the tuning that can be done with EFI live as well. Backed by the extremely reputable Allison transmission with is an amazing transmission and with proper building can be extremely stout and withstand towing, sled pulling, drag racing or anything else you can throw at it. And it’s not a 300k mile motor in a 100k miles truck. The comfort ability of the interior can’t be beat, and has a lot of aftermarket parts available for interior, exterior, motor, ect. 

    As for the shirt, I’m partial to the “ring and turbo” shirt, which kinda speaks for my position!
  • Jim Bynon 6.0l powerstroke. Great power n fuel mileage n are great motors once bullet proofed!!
  • Sandie White Definetly the 5.9 cummins !!!!!!!!! She’s earned her keep, well known for 1 million mile high club and the famous CUMMINS ROAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” I LOVE THE SMELL OF DIESEL IN THE MORNING” icon smile Whats The Best Diesel Engine for a Truck? We Asked our FB Fans & Have The Results )) really  i
  • Jim Bynon If choosen, I’d like the happiness is a spooling turbo tshirt.
  • Kyle Hilgenfeld 5.9 liter Ass beater! Mind If I Smoke—M
  • Nathan Cardinal 6.0 powerstroke. Power house motor, delete and tune and make them bulit proof and you cant beat them. Nothing sounds like a 6.0 either. “Ford makes it, international shakes it” L
  • Caleb Clanton 6.0 powerstroke! great throttle responce, increadible sound range, and fuel economy with nonstop power! i would like the horse power is like sex t shirt
  • Mandy Girard-Balk 12v Cummins!! They can go forever and all performace parts r hard parts…so real “raw” horsepower!! Real trucks rattle tshirt I’m a fan of
  • Mike N Julie Graham 5.9 Cummins! Gotta be able to pull our toys! Was that a speed bump shirt…
  • Adam Baron lbz duramax, power, speed, mileage, so much fun, and this t-shirt
  • Michael Torres Cummins 5.9 for my dad & 6.7 for me. Why because of the Cummins proven track record day in day out!!! Dodge makes it, Cummins shakes it!!! in a 4x please!!!
  • Alex Robinson LB7 Duramax is by far my favorite diesel. my dad owned one and he said it was his favorite Duramax out of his 02, 04.5, and 07.5. they are power houses waiting to be unleashed (but aren’t all diesel engines…) and the body style of Silverado they rest inside of is one of the most beautiful models. if chosen, the shirt I love to see is “Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow” shirt.
  • Jared Childs 3208 Cat. Was in the first tractor i ever drove growing up. and loved the sound of that v8 diesel idle. Had a softspot for it every since even though it has its problems.
  • Mike Mason LQ4 with boost

    Deal with it
  • Cole Perkins dodge cummins 5.9 liter. its only a 6 cylinder but can still out pull a power stroke or a duramax .
  • Kayla Patrie My favorite is the LBZ Duramax. It’s a great reliable motor, and typically does not have any major problems (injectors, head gaskets, etc). Plus they sound dirty and I love their whistle . I’d love the “happiness is a spooling turbo” if chosen!
  • Lucas Hesterman Duramax because of reliability and because it was put into a gm product….shirt would be the gm makes it and duramax shakes it….thanks for the opportunity
  • Benjamin Chafin 5.9 Cummins, its in a Dodge! Dodge Makes it, Cummins shakes it
  • Cole Perkins dodge cummins 5.9 liter. its only a 6 cylinder but can still out pull a power stroke or a duramax . the shirt i want is when the turbo spins the bull sh*t ends
  • Matt Frailey My favorite would be a Detroit SILVER 92. Because their old, 2 stroke, and they scream like no other diesel! Shirt would be “diesel mechanics have bigger tools”
  • Nathan Gerken duramax diesel. there reliable easy to tune and they sound awesome. and its in a gm product and some parts are made in Ohio. and t-shirt, I dont give a rats ass..thanks
  • Clayton Hodson Cummins 24 valve 3rd Gen. cause it comes in a Dodge, it is a Cummins and I would rather be cummin then strokin. Shirt – “Horsepower is like sex You can never get enough”
  • Brian Williams Detroit 12v71, because it’s a 12v71
  • Cody Razzi Cat they are easily modifyable and easy to work on. And all I want is the shirt I won before but never got.
  • Charles Otto I like all the Diesel engines from duramax all the way to Rudolph’s diesel I just like diesel in general why because how they make power and torque low rpm powering I have been around all kinds of diesels off road and on road some are just different than others they will all last a long time if you take care of them I would like the compression ignition shirt if I win thanks for the chance
  • Travis Chunkylove Laich 6.9 and 7.3 idi they are good reliable motors are torque machines and there cheapo build and cheap to buy and a turbo shirt
  • Mikey Raczkowski 7.3 powerstroke is the best. They have excellent power, the fuel mileage is much better than cummins and duramax, the amount of power they put out is great, and hey, they sound incredible. If I’m chosen, i would like a “i love the smell of diesel in the morning ” shirt.
  • Joseph Mason 12 valve cummins with the famous p pump. Because its all mechanical none of this electronic bullshit haha and “smoked a bit turbo lit and that was it”
  • Amanda K Wilkins 24 valve cummins 5.9 cause cummins is the best and it can handle so much more than chevy or ford and also is really good when it comes to sled pulling. (my truck is) and the i love the smell of diesel in the morning shirt
  • Sara Legenza Dodge Cummins 24V, We have one and it runs great. Rolling over 300,000+ miles and its still going. I would want to get the shirt…” I don’t always whistle at girls…” He’d love it! Thanks Diesel Tees I have bought a few of your shirts, he loves them!
  • Tyler Ribble 5.9 cummins good reliable motor lots of power. if i win i would like the i,d rather be cummin then strokin tee shirt
  • Carrieanne Scott Ford Powerstroke 7.3 n they just make me so wet when I hear the turbo spool up…. MMMM I own a 7.3 5 speed powerstroke n I love to go threw tunnels n just stomp it!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE 7.3!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin Gross My favorite would be Powerstroke because thats all my grandpa drove and all he worked on and his 83rd birthdays coming up next month and that would be a great gift for him 

  • Brad Hartwig Cummins! Six in a row is the best way to go! No need to remove cab to replace head gasket, very bulletproof, proven engine! (Diesel trucks-loaded like boxcars, driven like stock cars)
  • Dillon Layman 7.3 turbo I have 500,000 miles on mine and its an original 94 ford 7.3 direct injection. never had a problem Smoked a Bit, Turbo Lit and That Was It T Shirt – 2XL-Black
  • Mike Roy can we have 2 favs? Love my 12v cummins for everyday driving (264,xxx still strong)! On the weekend I love my 3408 Cat. Why? …. 18 liters w 1100 cubes….think that explains it!!!
    sandon Anderson 6.6 Duramax LMM, I own one and know what that thing will do! And the “I don’t always whistle at girls” is my favorite.
  • Dylan Stansberry 3.9 4bt 8valve cummins small but tons of power and all 5.9 12v parts will cross with it plus any truck with one is built not bought if I’m chosen I’d like the I don’t always whistle at girls turbo shirt
  • Chris Mann Duramax. Its the only thing we drive!And has never let us down. Hear the whistle, see the stacks, you just been past by a duramax!
  • Chris Mann Hear the whistle, see the stacks, you just been passed by a duramax is my favorite shirt
  • Brandon Haynes My favorite is the 12 valve cummins I’m in the process of installing one in my 93 f250
  • Aaron Knox Cummings, it’s what is in my semi,
  • Aaron Knox When the smoke rolls,
  • Danielle Madison I am diehard Chevy fan so of course the Duramax is my favorite engine. 

    “Real tricks don’t have spark plugs” is my favorite shirt!!
  • Bryant Passarella I love my 7.3 powerstroke with a tuner it has a ton of power and I like to see the Honda drivers faces after we run light to light! And if I am the chosen one i would love to have (contents under Pressure) large thanks
  • Casey Melissa Nutter I’m going with the underdog- the Powerstroke 6.0. It sounds the Best of any Diesel engine!
    I would love the women’s “Stacked” T-shirt in small.
  • David McCubbins 7.3 runs forever and there’s no replacement for displacement! Smoked a bit turbo lit that was it!
  • Jeremy Taylor Powerstroke 7.3 best motor I’ve ever had experience with, sounds amazing performs amazing and its in a Ford, how could you get it any better than that?
    If i win a large Ford makes it international shakes it shirt please and thank you
  • Derrick Fortier gmc duramax because they are just plain old awesome, and i like gmc trucks, and the shirt i would like is: gm makes it duramax shakes it!
  • Chris Glenn 6.Ll cummins 350 HP 650 lb-ft most powerful B series ever offered (contents under pressure) xxl
  • Dakota Christiansen My 5.9 L 12v cummins all the way the reason i like the cummins is because the motors are absolutly bullet proof and also the 5.9 12v is a unlimited horse power motor if they’re tuned right. The shirt would like is the id rather be cummin than stroken
  • Kevin Collins 8.3L cumin, raw power and external injectors, so easy to work on!
  • Brandon Vanderlinden i like my 92 ford with a 7.3 idi in it. it has been tested to last up to a half a million miles also they can pull any thing u put behind it. nothing better than a ford with a diesel “gas is for washing…Diesel power” charcoal gray 3x thanks
  • Tom Smith 7.3 Powerstroke!! Do I really need any other reason than 7.3 POWERSTROKE!!! Shirt is “Was That A Speed Bump Or Did I Just Run Over Another Hybrid?
  • Kerarri Williams My favorite engine is the 7.3 powerstroke. It’s my favorite engine because my neighbor let me take his lifted super duty to work once and I fell in love with it, the sound was just so awesome feeling all the torque was even better despite it was a 4×4 it still drove smooth and idled even smoother ever since then I’ve been wanting one and still can’t find one that’s close to what his was. The shirt I’d like is “she thinks my stacks are sexy”
  • Tyler Stowers 24 valve cummins!! It was my first diesel
  • Tyler Stowers Cummins 24 valve shirt!!
  • Philip Neese 7.3 powerstroke, all i have ever owned, and the contents under pressure shirt, large
  • Fred Hisaw P-pumped 12 valve because they’re easy to work on, huge power potential, great mileage, sound great. Would love to have the “Ring or Turbo” t-shirt
  • Jamie Cici Cummins ISX. Strong, dependable and smooth running. Also decent fuel mileage… Modified, because stock sucks (xxxl)
  • Jordan Peters Detroit Series 60, Green Screamers, would like the if she don’t blow black; take her back T shirt(detroit edition obviously)
  • Tommy Johnston 24V Cummins turbo diesel because the towing power cummins is legendary theat engine will live on after the actual truck and my grandpa has one and it kicks ass lol , Dodge makes it Cummins shakes it shirt size 2xL
  • Nate Pickel 5.0l v10 vw tdi. This motor is amazingly efficient and make more torque then my cummins! Very well engineered. I like the real trucks dont have spark plugs shirt! XL please
  • Cody James Packard 01 3500 24v that me and my bestfriend have been rebuilding, love the truck because it was passed down in his family and him and i have put blood sweat and alot of alcohol into rebuilding it after he wrecked it, he’s put in more work but still love how the truck drives pulls and does anything. Like the Built not bought shirt, XL
  • Kelly Kolb The 96 Chevy 6.5 turbo I have one in my k2500 and its the most reliable motor in a truck I’ve ever had. It especially runs good with a methanol injection kit.
  • Kelly Kolb I like the real trucks don’t have spark plugs size xl
  • Dustin Duckwiler Cummins 24 valve. Like the sound and power if them. i-don-r-always-whistle-at-girls-turbo-t-shirt. Size large
  • Warren Japke 5.9 Cummins 12 valve because they have infinate HP capabilities and you can always count on them starting up on a cold day and the sound they make is orgasmic.no question about it… t-shirt- black smoke dont mean its broke size X-large
  • Jacob Bell 6.6 Duramax. They get awesome mileage with a chip yet roll coal all day long! (Real trucks dont have spark plugs XL)
  • Alex Crumm Cummins 5.9 liter 24 valve turbo diesel has the torque for towing heavy loads and they are very dependable. Real trucks don’t need spark plugs size large
  • Alex Crumm Real trucks don’t have spark plugs
  • Alex Crumm Size large
  • Lucas Hesterman How bout a 4d55 Mitsubishi. I have 2 Dodge d-50 s with these motors in them. Like them because of mileage and that they each have a turbo haha. Would like to have the gm makes it duramax shakes it shirt
  • Larry Saylor 5.9 cummins my first diesel. And I like she thinks my stacks are sexy shirt
  • Mike Graham 5.9 cummins and I like the diesel nut shirt!
  • Bret W. Carrow My favorite diesels are the 6.5s and the duramax I have the 6.5 and my dad has the duramax I love them both and we like all of your t shirts as long as they ain’t ford or dodge lol my family is gm all the way
  • Matthew Roberts Caterpillar C-15 our fleet only runs cat. we pull on average 92-93k up fourth of July pass twice a week. Torque for days. She thinks my stacks are sexy
  • King Jimmy D. Rama Jr. ’Why i should? To me i love smell diesel in the morning. 6.5 duramax, cool and love it
  • Tyler Hoseclaw The 6.5 Detroit with the HX40w Cummins turbo in my 1993 Chevy 3500, Easy to work on, easy to maintain, will flat roll coal, and will pull anything you hitch it to. T-Shirt”I love the smell of diesel in the morning” >>Pick Me Because Today Is My Birthday<<<
  • Maryann Eustace Fav is a Cummins it’s in my “late” sons truck. My husband and I love his truck he built.
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