Where CanI Buy

When they first came out we wrote a feature on the Kid Trax Ram Cummins Diesel Power Wheels like toy. Ever since then we have been getting emails asking if we sell them and if not where they can be bought. It’s long over due but this article is to answer the question of where you can buy the Kid Trax Ram Cummins Truck no matter what part of the country or world you live in.

The simple answer is WalMart. They can be purchased in stores or if they are one of the few stores that doesn’t appreciate the toughness of a Ram then they can be ordered online at http://www.walmart.com/ip/Kid-Trax-Ram-12-Volt-Battery-Powered-Ride-On/21608737 Beware shipping is $99 for  these Cummins Diesel look alikes. The good news is you can have it shipped the the WalMart closest to you and pick it up…in your poickup for free. They currently retail at $299 which is reduced from $379. Click for more details on these Kids Cummin Trucks.

Here’s some photos of our fans and customers Cummins Power wheel Trucks, some are stock and some are as done up as their daddy’s trucks. What’s the first mod you’d slap on one???




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