Your Truck/Jeep/RidePhoto For

A $50 Diesel Tees Shopping Spree! What more could you ask for? It’s easy to win, just submit a photo, get the most likes before 9/30/11 and if your photo is one of the top 3 liked photos then you get to pick $50 worth of Diesel Tees shirts, hoodys, hats, stickers and more! Details Below.

1.Submit a of photo of your Truck, Jeep, or whatever you like to drive on the Diesel Tees Facebook page. It can be just sitting there, in action, with people or whatever. It doesn’t have to be a high quality photo or the fanciest rig, just has to get the most likes
2. Tell everybody you know to “like” your photo. The most likes wins so don’t hold back. Best thing is you don’t have to have an expensive ride or a professional picture, it’s all about who you know and how sick your picture is to those that you don’t know.
3. on 10/1/11 the TOP 3 photos will get to pick $50 worth of Diesel Tees Gear on us!

Remember it’s on Facebook so keep it sorta PG-13 but get creative with it! And if for some strange reason you are not submitting a photo be sure to check out everybody else’s photos and like them.

You could be wearing shirts like these!

Boost It Chip It Stack It Smoke It Diesel Power T Shirt


A Truck Without A Turbo Is Like A Man Without Balls Diesel T Shirt